A long time ago in heaven two great stars were lonely. They had each other, but they wanted a baby star. And on a certain night they gave birth to twin star babies. 

The angel who was present at the birth asked if the mother and father would let her take one of the star babies on a journey to earth

There the star baby would learn to crawl, to walk, to talk, to think, to sing and make friends of earth...things the stars in heavens cannot do.

And so the star parents agreed to give the gift of earth life to their star baby. Star baby's light shone the way and through the dark journey to earth. 

When they arrived, the angel said, "You can't be a star while you are on earth. I will hold your star for you and watch over you., and whenever you are lonely, look up into the night sky and you will see your star and your star twin and your star mother and star father."

Use the gift of earth-life well, and one wonderful day, we will welcome you back in your heavenly home.

a story read for Fairy Molly on her fifth birthday...author unknown.

From the heart of Fairy Godmother